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About Us

ISTP is an outstanding school that uniquely prepares its students for the challenges of an interconnected, 21st century world. Through ISTP’s rigorous, inquiry-based bilingual French or Chinese (Mandarin) education, our students are able to develop the superior critical thinking abilities and mental flexibility associated with being bilingual.

Our Mission

We educate students through a rigorous and dynamic bilingual program, inspiring them to develop an inquisitive and responsible international mindset.

Our Vision

We are committed to being a leader in international bilingual education while providing our students with a transformative educational journey that encourages compassion, independence, action and gratitude.
Inquiry-based learning is a shift from the traditional classroom to a more democratic and student-influenced classroom, where the teacher acts as a facilitator of learning and nurtures students’ natural curiosity.

Our program of structured inquiry allows students to question deeply and seek answers themselves, teaching them how to learn instead of simply teaching them about a certain topic. As an IB candidate school*, we follow the Program of Inquiry established by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

What is Inquiry-Based Education?

List of 3 items.

  • Discovery

  • Problem Solving

  • Exploration


Dynamic Bilingual Education

Paired with our inquiry-based methods, ISTP offers a dynamic bilingual education. An ISTP education isn’t just about becoming fluent in two languages. More importantly, it is about learning through language. Every day, students are immersed in a rich multilingual and multicultural environment that allows them to develop the cultural literacy and communication skills they need to thrive in an international setting.

A Nurturing Environment

ISTP offers a safe and nurturing environment for all students. Our exemplary faculty and staff model attributes from the PYP learner profile: compassion, open-mindedness, balance, and reflection. Social-emotional learning is fully integrated within our dynamic curriculum. All students are supported and guided, which encourages them to explore and express themselves in healthy ways.

Technology + Innovation

We integrate technology and innovation throughout our curriculum, always focusing on the development of critical thinking processes, not on mere mastery of the technology itself.

Our Computer Science program allows us to teach complex problem-solving skills. On Cohn Campus, we have a dedicated MakerSpace for design thinking projects/maker education as well as a spacious Media Hub for research, inquiry, 3D printing projects, and more. Students also have access to leading edge tools through our 1:1 iPad or laptop initiatives for 3rd–8th grades.

List of 3 items.

  • Travel

  • Perspective

  • Global Community

Experiential Education and Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange trips allow students to develop independence and confidence, and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures. Students in 4th grade through middle school have the option to go on exchange trips to France or China. 3rd–8th graders also enjoy overnight experiential education trips throughout California and to Washington, D.C.  

Our Community

The ISTP community is both tight-knit and diverse, and includes families of 30+ different nationalities. Parents, faculty, and staff all work together to create a strong support system for each of our students, and we all enjoy coming together for special events throughout the year, such as the PTA Moon Festival, Annual Gala and Auction, or end of the year Kermesse, to name a few.

Hear Our Stories

ISTP is built on the strengths and talents of the individuals who make up our community. Take a peek at the stories of just a few of our extraordinary students, alumni, and teachers.

International School of the Peninsula

Ready to have your child's curiosity and creativity nurtured by passionate and experienced teachers? Do you want your child to have a responsible international mindset? To be encouraged to take risks and take action, with the ability to problem-solve in more than one language? Give your child the opportunity to discover, play, and create in an innovative setting by contacting ISTP today.
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