3 Asks

The "3 Asks" are the three official fundraising efforts of ISTP.

Our fundraising efforts are integral to preserving the engaging and nurturing community that ISTP offers. Participation in all 3 of our key fundraising efforts whenever possible is important for sustaining an environment where children learn, grow, succeed and thrive.

1. ISTP Annual fund

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  • 1. ISTP Annual fund

    The Annual Fund, which begins in the fall of every school year, is INTL's primary fundraiser and directly supports the school's budgetary needs. This is a true philanthropic effort; no physical reward is exchanged for the gifts, but your contribution goes directly toward benefiting students and preserving our unique community. If you can only make one contribution during the year, the Annual Fund is the best way to contribute.

2. Annual Gala And Auction

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  • 2. Annual Gala And Auction

    The Annual Gala, which occurs in the spring toward the end of the school year, offers a fun and festive way to support the school while also enjoying a night out with good company. Parents, faculty, staff and friends equally participate in celebrating the school’s community while also enjoying an evening of food, drink, and fun!

3. Major gifts

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  • 3. Major gifts

    Though ISTP focuses on major gifts and contributions throughout the year every year, you’ll only be asked to be a contributor for a significant gift every 3-5 years. This timeline may change depending on the campaign the school is currently running, whether it’s the endowment or capital campaign.

How Student/PTA Fundraising Differs

School fundraising is separate from the PTA and their cooperation with student-led-philanthropy efforts. All activies offered by the student-PTA alliance are community building events, and are designed to teach students about philanthropy. They may ask for spare change or help baking something for the bake sale, but it's important to show kids the value of making something themselves. All student efforts are teaching tools, and the fundraisers they participate in benefit causes and charities chosen by the student council.

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