Parent Education Opportunities

ISTP is proud to launch a new parent education program for our community. The school will host various informative events, talks, and webinars foucsed on parenting practices, behaviors, and tips on raising children in today's modern world. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities, and welcome your friends to our events. 

Upcoming Events

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  • Dec

    ISTParentEd: Early Years Coffee

    We invite current ISTP parents to join Assistant Head/EYC Director Kate Lussen, Assistant Principal of EYC David Huang, and PYP Coordinator Jacqueline Cody to learn more about education in the Early Years. We'll share how research and best practices inform ISTP's approach towards Early Years Education, specifically looking at Play, Relationships, and Environment. We'll discuss how to support your child's growth at school and home in a developmentally appropriate way.
    Cowper Campus - Social Hall - 001
  • Jan

    ISTParentEd: Navigating Your Child's Social World

    This ISTParentEd talk features family therapist, parent educator, and trusted consultant, Sheri Glucoft Wong. Ms. Glucoft Wong will be focusing on navigating your child's social world; understanding peer dynamics, the role of friendship in your child's life over the years, supporting your child when issues arise, and encouraging their social courage and self-esteem.
    Cohn Campus - Rothschild Multipurpose Room - 137
  • Mar

    ISTParentEd: The Well-Balanced Student

    Brought to ISTP by Challenge Success: when parents become too focused on grades and performance, children are denied the time and energy needed to tackle the demanding work of growing up. In this presentation, you'll learn how you can establish a healthier home environment for your school-aged child, reduce academic stress without sacrificing achievement, and increase your child's resilience, creativity, and well-being.

    Cowper Campus - Social Hall - 001
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