2015 Two-Day AFIS Conference
The 2015 AFIS Conference will be held on Thursday, April 23rd and Friday, April 24th, in Portland, Oregon. It is a great opportunity to revitalize and re-energize the processes, ideas, and tools used by Advancement Officers in French and International Schools. 

The fee per attendee for the two full-day conference is $150, including two breakfasts,  two lunches, and one dinner (April 23). Register to attend.

The History of AFIS
In 2010, Advancement teams from French and International independent schools across the nation gathered together for the annual CASE-NAIS Conference in New York City. Utilizing the logistical opportunity of being able to be in the same place at the same time, the group of Advancement professionals decided to meet at the French-American School of New York (courtesy of Jane Von Trapp, former Director of Institutional Advancement) to share ideas, discuss the present and future of independent school Advancement as it pertains to the unique structure and environment of French language immersion schools, and compare goals and strategies.

This was the beginning of AFIS, the Advancement for French and International Schools.

Join the AFIS ListServ
The AFIS ListServ is a resource through which we can exchange ideas and brainstorm solutions on issues related to Advancement in Independent Schools, but more specifically French and International Independent Schools.

To join listserve, please send an email to AFIS-subscribe@istp.org with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.
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