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Sujata Narayan

Sujata Narayan is a Family physician at Stanford Express Care. 2018-2019 will be her second year on the Board of Trustees, and she serves as Chair of the Major Gifts Committee, in addition to serving on the Trustee Committee. Sujata trained in Pediatrics and Family Medicine at the University of London, England, before moving to the USA to join her husband in 2001. She completed residency training and then practiced at Scripps Clinic in San Diego, focused on pediatrics and women welness before her family relocated to the Bay area in 2015. She and her husband have three children in the French program at ISTP, in the 6th grade (Milli), 4th grade (Abhishek) and 1st grade (Siddarth). Sujata was extensively involved with the San Diego French School for 8 years with the development office, school student council, and as room parent for several years.  She has a special interest in children’s education and has sponsored children in India to give them the opportunity for basic education.
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