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The Arts

Fine Arts at ISTP

At ISTP, artistic expression is considered another “language”, another way for our students to communicate. Students are engaged through multiple medias, senses, and sounds.
From full theatre performances to gallery-like exhibitions to classroom projects and activities, students are encouraged to explore their creativity. ISTP takes great pride in its arts program, which includes visual arts, music, and performing arts.
Beginning in 1st Grade, the arts (visual, music, and performing) classes are instructed by a specialist teacher and are based in the French and Chinese cultures. The arts teachers collaborate with the classroom teachers to incorporate the arts into the Units of Inquiry wherever possible, as well as take an inquiry-based approach to the arts overall. Students collaborate, create, and perform throughout the year, and their work is often highlighted in community events.

Visual Art

Deeply rooted in French and Chinese culture, the Visual Arts program goals are to:

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  • instill confidence in each “artist”

  • provide an environment that supports self-expression and creativity

  • develop manual dexterity through the use of a variety of techniques and materials

  • discover art through the study of line, color, form, light and shadow, and composition

  • experiment with different techniques using media such as crayons, ink, pastels, watercolors, and (block) prints

  • produce works in many forms such as paintings, collages, and sculptures

Performing Arts (Music and Drama)

Music and Drama are both linked and taught explicitly to provide students with an understanding of theory, history, exposure to genres, as well as opportunities to perform.
While drama is taught by a specialist in 3rd-8th grade, dramatic activities are planned on an ongoing basis by the Chinese, English, and French teachers at all grade levels to enable their students to develop their vocabulary, oral fluency, pronunciation, memory, and knowledge of certain historical periods or cultures, and to build self- confidence. Dance and physical expression may also be integrated within the classroom curriculum. In elementary school, students participate in Readers’ Theatre and perform short plays and skits for both their classmates and students in other grade levels. Some classes elect to organize a performance for parents. Music is taught by a specialist, beginning in 1st grade.

The primary goals of the performing arts curriculum are to:

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  • instill an enjoyment of and appreciation for music and drama

  • promote an awareness of and appreciation for the similarities and differences of the school’s multicultural student body through ethnic music, dance, and theatre

  • develop an understanding of music theory and history of music

  • practice singing and learn basic instruments

  • develop understanding and use of voice, movement, pantomime, story dramatization, role play, and improvisation

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