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ISTP's Rising Star Award and Spirit of ISTP Awards

Honoring alumni who make a difference (whether at ISTP or within their industry), is a new tradition for ISTP, and one we intend to carry out for many years to come.
We are currently accepting nominations for 2019, and criteria can be found below. Making a nomination is as easy as emailing with a statement about why you think a particular alumnus is deserving of either award.
For the Rising Star Award, the nominees and honorees shall be regarded as having made significant contributions within his/her chosen profession, including volunteer activities (unpaid work) in service to his/her community or to the public at large.
In the case of the Spirit of ISTP/PFAS Award, the honorees shall have made significant investments of time in service to ISTP/PFAS (as an employee or as a volunteer) or significant financial contributions to some aspect of the school, such as scholarship funding or capital campaigns.
We know ISTP/PFAS alumni are doing incredible and dynamic things across the globe. Help us acknowledge their efforts and nominate an alumnus today.

  • For the Rising Star Award and the Spirit of ISTP/PFAS Award, the honorees should be at least 8 years post-graduation from ISTP/PFAS. 
  • Nominees and honorees shall have completed at least three years (grades 1-8) at ISTP/PFAS; it is not necessary for them to have graduated from the school. 
  • While it is preferable that the honorees are living, it is not a requirement. 
  • The honorees should be nominated by someone other than themselves. The nominator does not need to be an ISTP/PFAS alumnus or affiliated with ISTP/PFAS. The nominator should, however, know of the nominee’s work and be able to speak not only to the high regard in which the nominee is held, but also to the relevance of his/her actions to ISTP/PFAS’s mission and the spirit of the award(s). The nominator does not need to know the nominee personally. 
  • If a nominee is not selected to be honored in the year of his/her nomination, the appropriate documents and information should be placed in a file for future consideration in subsequent years. Nomination information will be retained for a minimum of three years. 
  • Honorees are representatives of ISTP/PFAS and should be held to an appropriate standard of ethical and personal conduct, in concert with the values of the school. 
  • Honorees should represent a variety of fields and lifetime accomplishments; these awards should demonstrate that alumni in a wide variety of backgrounds, all with roots at ISTP/PFAS, excel in their chosen fields. 
  • Honorees should embody the mission of ISTP/PFAS.
  • Honorees should not be current staff members of the International School of the Peninsula (ISTP).
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